The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live our lives in drastic ways. Living with your ignition interlock device is no different. Smart Start of Tennessee is navigating the “new normal” day by day just as all our clients are.

Complete your IID Program successfully during COVID-19

Governor Bill Lee has extended the Order that ignition interlock clients do not have to go to their service center to calibrate. Even though you don’t have to calibrate, you are still responsible for your monthly interlock lease fee. Please visit to pay through the portal.

Because your device hasn’t been hooked up for calibration when you pay through the portal, you will have to call 800-880-3394 to receive remote unlock. Unlimited remote unlock will be a free service for the duration of the Executive Order provided lease fees are maintained. 

If you are healthy and feel comfortable servicing at your local service center, we recommend you do so to avoid any disruption in your service. Also, the Governor’s Order could expire at any time. Failure to service your device monthly is a violation of the TN Ignition Interlock Program and will cause your interlock requirement to be extended once the Order has been lifted. Visit Smart Start of TN’s Keys to Success for more information on completing your TN Ignition Interlock Program without violations. 

The TN Department of Safety will continue reviewing service reports. If you have completed your ignition interlock duration requirements, you must go to your local service center for your final download, it cannot be done remotely. For the duration of the Governor’s Order effective March 19, 2020 until June 30, 2020 (unless otherwise extended), missed calibration services will not be counted as violations under the compliance based removal law. If you have had to use remote unlock during this period, YOU MUST notify once you’ve completed your final download to have your records sent to the TN Department of Safety. If you fail to notify the TN Removal Office, this will delay your removal process. 

If the TN Department of Safety deems you compliant, congratulations for completing your program successfully! Schedule your removal with your local service center.

Ready to Install your Car Breathalyzer?

Great! We are still servicing clients normally at our shops and most functions to get started on your TN Ignition Interlock Program can be performed online. Click HERE for a link to the steps to get started.

It is important to reinstate your restricted license after you have your car breathalyzer installed to get credit for your interlock program. If you do not have your restricted license you are not getting credit! You can go online to reinstate your license here

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