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TN Law requires installation of a car breathalyzer for a minimum of 365 days to regain a valid TN Driver License. Interlock Xpress is the leading Ignition Interlock installer in Middle TN and we install for FREE. Ready to install your IID? We’re here to help you get back on the road!


FREE Installation

We know you have already put a lot of money into your DUI so we offer free installation and all inclusive maintenance fees

Customer Service

We offer 24/7 customer service through Smart Start of TN. Operators are there to assist you in both English and Español

Financial assistance

Unable to afford your interlock device? We have staff standing by to help you navigate the TN Indigent Program

which alcohol monitoring device are you looking for?

Smart start IID

Believe it or not, all Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) are not created equal. While some car breathalyzer brands boast affordability, quality and safety are often overlooked. Every product that Smart Start manufactures is not only affordable but also designed with your safety and usability as our main objective. In fact, Smart Start thoroughly tests every interlock device to ensure that it exceeds the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards, keeping you safe while you travel. The sleek and discreet design fits comfortably anywhere in your vehicle. Expect only the most accurate results so you never have to worry about false positive readings. Since 1992, millions of customers have trusted Smart Start for the best Ignition Interlock Device nationwide.

Phone: 800-880-3394

simple Interlock iid

Simple Interlock knows that you want to get back on the road, so we’ve made the process simple with the cheapest car breathalyzer device. We have one ignition interlock device (IID) that can be programmed to meet your program’s needs. Pricing is simple and up-front; we’ll charge you one flat fee with no hidden or erroneous additions. No matter how you contact us—by phone, email, or chat—you’ll reach a real, live human being who can answer your ignition interlock device questions and walk you through the process.

Phone: 800-719-4580

smart mobile

Not every client needs continuous monitoring;  SmartMobile™ is the perfect alternative.

SmartMobile™ is NHTSA certified, alcohol specific, fuel cell technology that provides court admissible data. It is GPS enabled and equipped with a facial detection camera.

SmartMobile™ features include:

  1. Half the price of alternative monitoring devices with convenient payments
  2. Completely customizable test windows compatible with client work schedules, as well as on-demand testing
  3. Powered by Verizon; no docking station, landline, internet or smartphone needed
  4. All normal activities can be performed without worrying about damaging the device
  5. Instant violation alerts via SmartWeb™, the best case management software available


Phone: 800-880-3394

Buddi's SMART TAG®

The next generation of offender tracking.

Buddi’s one-piece Smart Tag® seamlessly monitors locations, indoors to outdoors, reliably and accurately. The smallest, lightest available tag, with the longest battery life in the market, is charged wirelessly and is fully waterproof (IP68).

Buddi devices meet the global standards including NIJ, FCC, NIST, IEC, CE, Australia Standards.

Phone: 615-852-6508

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